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Precision Matchmaking

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Why iRecruit4?

We don’t just want to be your recruiter, we want to be part of your organisation and brand. Understanding your business needs, wants and musts.

Our service

At iRecruit4 we help businesses build relationships with longevity with their staff, plan long- term recruitment strategies and provide focus on your company vision, timing and recruitment.

Specialist Recruiters and Head-hunters:

Our team consists of skilled professionals who specialise in recruitment and headhunting, ensuring a targeted approach to finding the right candidates for your needs.

Honest & Transparent:

We prioritise honesty and transparency in all our interactions, providing you with a clear understanding of the recruitment process.

Solution-Driven Approach:

We offer more than just recruitment; our services include professional advice and analytical data to help address and solve your recruitment challenges effectively.

High Calibre Candidates:

Benefit from our access to a pool of high-calibre candidates, backed by our team's combined 35 years of experience in the industry.


Our guarantee

Identifying your organisational staffing needs, recruiting qualified candidates and selecting the best calibre of employees suited for the job positions needed within your business.


Bigger picture thinking

Honesty & Transparency

Valuable benchmarking & salary statistics

Over 20 years’ experience

Specialised head-hunters and recruiters

No red tape or bureaucracy


Our service is tailored to suit you and your business needs, allowing you the time to focus on what you do best.

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